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      1. Jiaxing Jinhe Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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          P-toluene sulfonamide
          P-toluene sulfonamide(excellent)
          P-toluene sulfonyl chloride
          O/P-toluene sulfonamide
          O-Toluene Sulfonamide
          N-ethyl-o/p-toluene sulfonamide
          N-Butyl Benzene Sulfonamide
          Sodium P-Toluene Sulfinate
          Sodium P-Toluene Sulfinate Tet...
          Zinc Benzenesulfinate Dihydrate
          P-Toluenesulfonyl Semicarbazide
        about us
        Jiaxing Jinhe Chemical Co.,Ltd.

        Jiaxing Jinhe Chemical Co.,Ltd.'s was former Jiaxing Buyun Dyestuffs Factory(since 1988)which underwent overall system reform in Aug 2003. company covers an area of 16650 square meters,and construction area is 6000 square meters,105 staff,and 25 million fixed assets.The company is specializing in producing dyestuffs,and pharmaceutical intermediates.With the Imp & Exp.license,the company is a leading manufacturer in Jiaxing.
        The company features in powerful technical force,complete equipment and advanced manufacturing technique,Company's main prodcuts are P-Toluene Sulfonamide,P-Toluene Sulfonyl Chloride,O/P-toluene Sulfonamide,P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde,N-Ethyl-o/P-toluene sulfonamide, O-Toluene Sulfonamide,etc.The products have very high prestige degree and competitiveness on world markets.so the prodcuts win appreciation from user deeply.Sticking to the principal of "Customer First,Develop Constantly",company is cultivating and developin the new technology and products of high-tech content and high added value actively to make enterprise keeps the good growth momentum.
        Company tries the best to provide you with best quality products and excellent services.You are welcome to visit us or write to us for business talking and mutual future development!

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